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Works from the UIUC Math Department

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The Math Department of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign began collecting mathematical models in the late 1800s when model-making was popular, particularly in Germany. The University currently has over 380 of these historically and mathematically significant sculptures on display.

To learn more about the models at UIUC and others, please visit The History of Models.

'5 Lines' from the UIUC Mathematics Department'7 Lines' from the UIUC Mathematics Department

5 Lines and 7 Lines

Arnold Emch, 1925
aluminum and brass

Details about the two aluminum and brass sculptures in the gallery were first presented in the University of Illinois Bulletin published April 27, 1925. The sculptures were planned and designed in the mathematical library of the University of Illinois under the direction of Arnold Emch, Associate Professor of Mathematics.

From Professor Emch:
"The two models are examples of simple special cases of surfaces by systems of plane algebraic curves determined by the intersections of their planes with certain fixed lines and curves, obtained by assuming three lines l, g, h and another fixed line s and the pencil of planes through s. Every plane in the pencil cuts l, g, h in three points which determine a circle. The locus of these circles is, in general, a quartic surface."

...but feel free to appreciate them out of their mathematical context.
The Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology

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