The Traveling CANVAS - CalculArt at Dennos
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The Technology of CalculArt

The Traveling CANVAS and works in the CalculArt exhibit use a wide range of technological resources. Click on the links below to learn more about that piece of technolgy.

NextEngine 3D Scanner
CalculArt includes 3d computer models which have been scanned from physical models using the NextEngine 3D Scanner.

Z Corporation Printer
This printer is used to print physical 3d models in plaster from 3d computer models.

Epson 9800 Printer
Many of the prints in CalculArt have been printed by an Epson 9800 printer on Piezo Pro Matte Canvas media with UltraChrome K3 ink.

KAMScript a free, open-source scripting language developed to let artists easily create pieces for the CANVAS and other immersive environments.

Many of the atrists in CalculArt have used Mathematica in the creation of their works.
The Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology