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'λóγος - 16K' by Boison Sully

λóγος - 16K
It from Bit ~ In the Beginning

Boison Sully, 2007
leather, copper, ferrite, fiberglass

Boison Sully is a composite artist working in the historic artifact medium. λóγος - 16K asks whether the science of John Archibald Wheeler and the philosophy of John 1:1 converge. Consider a person starting life with no knowledge of the universe, a dot on a line of exploration. Taking the path of discovery-by-science through Newton, through Einstein, through Wolfram and Wheeler might just put that person at a location no different than that of another person taking the path of discovery-by-religion through Moses, through Aquinas, through Dawkins, a circle of knowledge, not two distant ends of a line.
The Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology

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