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Works by Tony Robbin

'Drawing 54' by Tony Robbin

Drawing 54

Tony Robbin
Digital ink print on Arches watercolor paper
31.25 x 38.5 in.

From Tony Robbin:

This print was developed after consultations and collaborations with mathematician Scott Carter. We can tie as string in a knot because we can pass it over and under itself in three dimensions: a one dimensional string existing in the space of two greater dimensions. If you want to tie a sheet into a knot, or braid multiple sheets, you need a space of two dimensions greater than the two dimensional sheet itself: that is, a space of four dimensions . In this print surfaces have an internal structure and are made of three dimensional objects; they are braided in ways that are impossible in three dimensions but are possible in four and five dimensions. Transparent planes help to weave the spaces.
The Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology

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