WCS Tech Team
Crimson Room in the CUBE


Project Members

Christopher Arsenaoult
Dan Fike
Mary Latta
Sean Lea
Margaret Myslinska
Fiona Ng
Rosalind Sunday
Olga Vinogradova


Our project is a logic game where a player is given limited information and is suppose to solve the game by manipulating objects in the game and deducting what he/she is suppose to do with the objects.  This game was inspired by several similar games which are available over the internet.  However, we have the benefit of the CUBE, which enhances the game by transporting the gamer into a 3-D version of our world so that the player feels as though they are actually in the room we've created.

All of the objects in the game were developed in Maya and we used Sygyzy, a toolkit used for the visualization and sonification of data to display the objects in the CUBE and to code our logic.