Motion Capture in Virtual Environments

fairy pong

"Tele-sports and Tele-dance: Full Body Network Interaction"

Hummingbird quicktime movie

Tele-sports quicktime movie

Teleimmersion quicktime movie


The lab has done two projects exploring the use of motion capture in networked virtual environments. Each of these was done in collaboration with the University of Illinois dance department. The first project, Hummingbird, performed in October 2002 at the Internet2 conference in Los Angeles, involved a motion-captured dancer in Champaign-Urbana performing with a live dancer on stage in Los Angeles. The second project, Fairy Sports, performed in December 2002 and September 2003, involved two dancers in the Beckman Institute, one on our optical motion capture stage and the other in the Cube. These dancers then interacted in a physics-based virtual environment.


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