The world’s first room-sized immersive environment, this three-wall and floor projection space has been in operation (in various locations) since 1995. Newly reconstructed at the new ISL facility, the CAVE has expanded its capabilities with an Intersense IS-900 ultrasonic/accelerometer-based tracking system. It is currently powered by a single Windows™ machine with a fast Intel CPU and an nVidia™ Quadro Plex graphics engine. Low-latency tracking and the durability of a rigid floor make this space perfect for immersive experiments using treadmills, wheelchairs, and aircraft cockpit simulators (for example) that are not possible in the ISL Cube. A manual treadmill that provides real-time walking-speed data via RS-232 from an Arduino microcontroller board is currently in use.

Applications for the CAVE can be developed in either C++ or Python using ISL-developed Syzygy software.