Power Supplies

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While the earliest instruments designed by Dr. Beckman contained a sufficiency of internal batteries for field use, this Model A power supply enabled long-term power-on for laboratory work.  While a power supply can work with multiple instruments, this unit lists five patents, all related to the pH meter.

US Patent #2,058,761: Apparatus For Testing Acidity

US Patent #2,099,298: Electrical Testing Apparatus

US Patent #2,256,733: Electrode For The Electrical Determination of PH

US Patent #2,232,211: Automatic Voltage And pH Indicator

US Patent #2,232,212 : Apparatus for Amplifying Direct Current Voltages and Currents


Beckman/Spinco Duostat Model RD

While the Spinco (Specialized Instruments Corporation) Division of Beckman Instruments is known primarily for its ultracentrifuges, it also provided constant voltage/constant current power supplies for electrophoresis testing.  Shown here is the Duostat Model RD.

duostatRD label